Long-time Seattle Gallerist Sets up New Art Gallery in Downtown Seattle
New gallery to focus on an inclusive community art experience

(Seattle, WA) - June 13, 2019 – Judith Rinehart, the namesake of the newly-launched J. Rinehart Gallery, announced today that, after being in the Seattle art scene for the past 12 years, she is opening a new exhibition space and art gallery in downtown Seattle with a focus on artists with connections to the Pacific Northwest. The gallery recently launched online and is opening its exhibition space later this year.

The gallery’s mission is to create an environment where anyone can feel comfortable visiting the gallery to explore marvelous works of art whether they are an art aficionado or not. We are here to help both experienced and aspiring art collectors have access to unique and interesting works of fine art so they can beautify their space, enhance their sense of personal style while feeling comfortable and excited about the artwork they choose to have in their home.

The changing landscape of the gallery scene has created an opportunity for the next generation of art dealers and art professionals to fill the void left by closing and moving galleries. While new models are popping up, and online-only galleries are becoming more prevalent, J. Rinehart Gallery sees the importance of having a brick-and-mortar space to host exhibitions and cultivate a personal connection to the artwork being viewed, along with a robust online presence to adjust to the changing market.

Seattle has seen astronomical growth over the last decade, bringing a highly-educated audience that is interested in the art scene of the city, and crave a comfortable entry point for navigating the existing gallery scene while not being afraid to ask questions about pricing, discuss budgets or feel intimidated by the experience of purchasing fine art.

“I strive to make fine art accessible and attainable to all by eliminating the barriers that make it seem out of reach and allow for an open and honest discussion about the wants and needs of the collector while keeping with our high standards of quality,” says Rinehart. “I want to help my clients fall in love with art and know that purchasing and living with art connects them to a greater community.”

With a focus on artists with connections to the Pacific Northwest, the gallery provides an exhibition space for artworks of incredible quality by artists who have a mastery of their medium, brilliant storytelling and concepts and work to enhance the cultural capital of our region. Rinehart believes art connects people and their community on a personal level. Experiencing art physically, and living with it daily, fosters an emotional connection and a greater understanding of the communities we live in and the world at large, making both a better place.

J. Rinehart Gallery will host 8-10 exhibitions annually consisting of group and solo shows by our represented artists, guest curated and collaborative exhibitions as well as attend local and national art fairs. Our exhibition at the 2019 Seattle Art Fair August 1-4 will kick off the gallery programming with the exhibition Fierce Florals, featuring the work of Daisy Patton, Meggan Joy and Jennifer Zwick.

Additional information can be accessed on the gallery’s website. www.jrinehartgallery.com


About J. Rinehart Gallery

J. Rinehart Gallery fosters a friendly and comfortable art gallery environment for its community audiences along with cultivating long term relationships with collectors and artists.

Owner Judith Rinehart graduated with her BFA in Art History from the University of Utah in 2005 and has been working in fine art galleries in Seattle since 2007. She has 12 years of experience working in and managing two highly successful art galleries, has curated, planned, organized, marketed, and executed more than 150 successful exhibitions and openings in the gallery and at art fairs across the U.S. and has established herself as a fixture in the local gallery community.

Her involvement has been varied, serving as the treasurer of the Seattle Art Dealers Association for three years, as an advocate and exhibitor at the Seattle Art Fair and as the curator and panelist at the Seattle Emerging Arts Fair's inaugural event. She is a member of the PNW chapter of ArtTable and is serving on the 2020 Artist Trust Auction Committee.