May 2017: Harbinger @ Calypte Gallery, Seattle WA
Jul 2015: Shaun Kardinal’s Turn @ Joe Bar, Seattle WA
Oct 2014: left to your own devices @ Two Shelves, Seattle WA
Jun 2014: flying formation @shaunkardinal, Instagram
Jul 2013: Inertia @ LxWxH, Seattle WA
Oct 2012: Reiterations @ Cairo, Seattle WA
Apr 2012: Connotations @ Joe Bar, Seattle WA
Sep 2011: Further Alterations @ Snowden Flood, London UK
Jul 2011: Heptaparaparshinokh @ VioletStrays.com
Jan 2009: Progression @ SOIL, Seattle WA
May 2008: Go On, I’m Listening @ Joe Bar, Seattle WA
Oct 2007: Directors’ Cut @ Some Space, Seattle WA
Jun 2007: Buildings @ Clarabella, New York NY
Oct 2006: Buildings, 2006 @ Some Space, Seattle WA

Aug 2019: Forward: Part 3 @ Glass Box Gallery, Seattle WA
Sep 2018: Forward: Dislocation @ LoveCityLove, Seattle WA
Jul 2017: Forward: Origin Stories @ The Factory, Seattle WA
Jul 2015 – Jun 2016: Turn @ Joe Bar, Seattle WA
Jul 3 2014: 'waste not, want not.' @ Facebook Events

Apr 2019: Cadence: Video Poetry Festival @ Northwest Film Forum, Seattle WA
Dec 2018: Homework @ Non-Breaking Space, Seattle WA
Jun 2016: Tuf Luv @ King Street Station, Seattle WA
Mar 2016: Giant Steps @ King Street Station, Seattle WA
Aug 29 2015: NEPO 5k Don't Run, Seattle WA
Aug 2013: Found and Unbound, curated by Shane Montgomery @ Bumbershoot, Seattle WA
Jul 2013: Stitchery @ SAM Gallery, Seattle WA
May 2013: New Members’ Show @ SOIL, Seattle WA
Feb-Apr 2013: Chamber Music @ Frye Art Museum, Seattle WA
Jan 29 2012: Visual Art Happy Hour @ ONN/OF, Seattle WA
Jul 14 2011: Seattle Weekly’s Artopia
Jul 5 2011: Alterations, in collaboration with Erin Frost @ Vignettes, Seattle WA
Feb 2011: Bloom & Collapse with Troy Gua@ SOIL, Seattle WA
May 2010: Seattle Erotic Art Festival @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Seattle WA
Apr 2009: Human Canvas, juried by Suzette Troche-Stapp @ The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins CO
Feb 2009: Dearly Madly, curated by Robert Yoder @ Howard House, Seattle WA
Oct 2008: Carrillo & Kardinal @ Some Space, Seattle WA
Jan 2008: Autobiography @ SAM Gallery, Seattle WA

Jul 2017 – Jul 2020: Founder and Director, Forward
Jul 2015 – Jun 2016: Founder and Director, Turn
Dec 2014: Panelist, Social Media and the Internet as a Medium, Frye Art Museum
Jun 2013 – Dec 2014: Digital Media Manager, Frye Art Museum
Jul – Sep 2014: Judge, City Arts Art Walk Awards
Sep 2012 – Jan 2014: Member, SOIL Gallery
Sep 2007 – Dec 2010: Designer & Web Developer, Davidson Galleries
Sep 2008 – Dec 2009: Organizational Member, Crawl Space Gallery
Jun 2006 – Dec 2008: Co-Founder & -Director, Some Space

2018: LMR Hotel, Riyadh, Energy series (14 piece commission with Atelier27 Paris)
2018: FB AIR Program,, I (underpinning no. 1) (permanent installation @ Facebook Westlake Seattle)
2015: Slow Year, II (album cover art)
2014: Wishbeard, Ally Sheedy 7″ (album cover art)
2013: Starbucks University Village III Location (permanent installation)
2013: Vaudeville Etiquette, Debutantes EP (album cover art)
2013: Soft Metals, Lenses LP, Tell Me single (album cover art series, music video)
2012: LxWxH Gallery (permanent installation)

2013 4Culture Portable Works Purchase Award
2010 4Culture Individual Artist Projects Grant

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